Sant´ Ambrogio

Sant´Ambrogio, situated four kilometres outside of Cefalú, is a small village of about 250 inhabitants perched on a hill towering above the sea. Its origins date back to the end of the 16th century, when a sighting and communications tower was built by the Aragonese occupants. Subsequently, in the 19th century, the area developed into a rural centre, where grape and olives were grown. It grew even larger when a railway was being built and subsequently other craftsmen and merchants also settled here.

Sant´Ambrogio, with its large and equipped beaches, its clean sea, the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside and thanks even to the forest in which it is immersed, is very suitable for trekking, cycling or horse-riding along the ancient streets and the terraces towering above the sea.

The people who live here are friendly and welcome a guest with open arms, as usually happens in a real and authentic environment on the Sicilian coast. A restaurant called Osteria Bacchus merits a visit for its beautiful panoramic views of the sea, where it is possible to taste excellent and genuine Sicilian dishes; on the main square of the village is also a well-stocked supermarket.
Cefalú is situated an hour away by car from the airport of Palermo and two hours by car from the airports of Trapani and Catania. All three of these airports offer excellent connections with the main Italian and European airports by means of daily national and international flight services. A new high-speed railway connects Palermo, Messina and Catania and on this line the station of Cefalù has become an important stopover. From the airports mentioned above, it is possible to reach Cefalù by car or by train and from there one can easily get to the village of Sant'Ambrogio using one of the frequent bus connections, by taxi or by renting a scooter or bicycle.

A Little Piece of Paradise

The multitude of natural and historical monuments existing in the vicinity invite a visit. In the heart of this area, at Cefalú, it is definitely worthwhile to visit the majestic cathedral – the Duomo – an impressive piece of architecture in the Normandy style, decorated on the inside with beautiful mosaics, among which stands out the one reproducing the Byzantine Christ Pantocrator, or the well-preserved buildings of the still-functional medieval laundries, the remains of an ancient temple of Diana as well as the medieval fortress situated on the coast.

When you have had enough of history and monuments, you can take a rest in some of the numerous coffee shops or restaurants of the town, take a leisurely stroll along the harbor or relax on the romantic beach of Caldura. This enchanting bay is to be found between Cefalú and Sant´Ambrogio and really reminds you of a piece of paradise.

Sea, Mountains and Even More

Sant´Ambrogio offers a multitude of pleasant experiences: sailing on the open sea, spending an enjoyable afternoon on a boat trip along the coast, observing dolphins, drinking wine or swimming in fabulous bays, renting a boat or practicing water sports, snorkeling or scuba-diving.

There is also a multitude of outdoor excursions available to the surrounding mountains, with breathtaking views observed, for instance, from the saddle of a horse or while trekking along the designated paths among the vineyards spread on the amiable hills. It is possible to enjoy, by walking or sailing on rafts in the neighbourhood of Sant´Ambrogio and of Cefalú, a visit to a fascinating canyon among the gorges called Gole di Tiberio.

A visit to the quaint little town of Pollina, situated way up high among the hills, the fascinating amphitheatre called Pietra Rosa at the base of the castle, or the narrow side streets and the enchanting panoramic views, will certainly contribute to your unforgettable experience.


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